4 August 2019. 4 min läsning

Karnfull Energi is Sweden’s first 100% nuclear energy supplier.

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Rational environmentalists across Sweden are now welcome to sign up in preparation for the upcoming launch of Karnfull Energi – an initiative aiming to highlight the importance of nuclear power in a world desperately seeking reliable, fossil free and carbon-neutral base energy.

The IPCC’s climate report entitled “Global Warming 1.5 Degrees Celsius” (October 2018) outlining various ways to maintain global warming to under 2 degrees spurred an equally simple, yet clever idea amongst two rational environmentalists in Goteborg, Sweden: an energy supply company providing nothing but nuclear power.

During these brief months spent preparing today’s launch, leading politicians, scientists and experts alike have widely debated the reasons to why nuclear is so crucial for the future. But up until today there have been no dedicated commercial alternatives available for consumers.

By launching Karnfull Energi, Sweden’s first – and so far only – 100% nuclear energy supplier, we are aiming to change that. Starting today, our website at www.karnfull.se is ready to take sign ups (Swedish only). By doing so we are able to keep interested parties up to date with our preparations. Depending on number of sign ups we will be able to gauge the interest of our services. We strive to become very competitive in terms of pricing.

In a world of digitalization, industrial changes and growing electrical automotive fleets, and where renewable energy sources are far from able to cover our base energy needs, we need nuclear energy. The investments and environmental footprint necessary to adapt Sweden’s energy grid to 100% renewable, especially in terms of electricity storage, are way too vast, insecure and unproven to be deemed our only way out of our coal and gas dependence. Meanwhile, climate change is not holding back.

In order to gain positive climate effects from e.g. electrical vehicles, charging must be done using fossil free, clean and reliable energy. Research from IFO Germany even shows that electrical vehicles running on coal or gas energy are worse for the environment than ordinary diesel cars.

It is worthwhile noting that we do not consider other fossil free sources irrelevant or bad. But we do believe that a new and more informed consensus regarding nuclear energy is overdue in Sweden. A consensus to help us save the climate for generations to come, while still meeting increased energy consumption demands.

Sweden’s only renewable base energy source -- the in many ways excellent and politically so acclaimed hydropower – is just about to reach its maximum expansion level, not least from an environmental perspective. Notably, the European Parliament has cogently taken a stance against hydropower’s continued development citing economic and environmental reasons.

It is provoking that even today, very few people seem to be aware that nuclear is by far the safest energy source available, with the lowest mortality rate per kWh of them all -- including renewables.

It is clear that for far too long nuclear energy has been pushed aside and not allowed to take part of the political, and hence commercial, incentives it deserves. R&D within this field has to become a top priority, especially consider the fact that the very few negative sides of it either concerns security or high costs – two areas, regardless of industry, always best dealt with through innovation and investments.

Furthermore, there is no arguing that nuclear is the energy source that takes best care of its waste, with a very considerate and thoughtful process in place. The IPCC are very clear that fossil energy dependence needs to decrease substantially before the year 2050, yet currently around 40% of the EU’s total energy production is fossil. A devastating number.

The general public’s level of understanding must immediately be heightened, as we do no longer have time to wait whilst German coal and Russian gas are seen as uncontroversial, or at least acceptable, base energy sources. A realistic switch to a fossil free society is only possible by means of nuclear power, and is the only way Sweden’s (and the EU’s) energy supply and independence can be safeguarded.

This is why we, as the first company on the Swedish energy supply market, want to give nuclear our wholehearted support. We believe Sweden should be a shining star within this field as well.

Since every electrical outlet in Sweden is provided with the same energy mix, regardless of your active choice (”fossil free”,” hydropower” etc.), Karnfull Energi instead guarantees that the equivalent amount of energy consumed by your household will be nuclear, certified by an international energy source guarantee practice.

Christian Sjolander, founder Karnfull Energi:

– Karnfull wants to help rational environmentalists across Sweden to clearly take a stand regarding this critical issue. As a customer of ours you will help drive the demand for a greener and more reliable source of base energy. We will make sure your energy quotas are nothing but nuclear and give you insight through facts and news about nuclear – and much more. We’ve got lots planned, so do sign up today and join us on our exciting journey.


About Karnfull Energi

Karnfull Energi is part of Karnfull Future AB is a privately held company by founders Christian Sjolander and John Ahlberg. At the time of our full scale launch Karnfull Energi will act as an energy supplier, and not an electricity producer able to regulate supply and demand on the electricity market. Our ambition is to drive public opinion and increase the knowledge regarding nuclear – as well as to provide rational environmentalists with the market’s best priced fossil free and carbon-neutral base energy. Follow us on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook, @karnfull.


Christian Sjölander, founder

christian@karnfull.se / +46 739 435605


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